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Are you worried about someone’s substance use?

Has your loved one’s behaviour gotten out of hand?

Not sure how much more you can handle?

Being around someone struggling with an addiction can be frustrating, painful and unpredictable. Your loved one’s behaviour has changed, and he/she seems like a different person. He/she may be withdrawn, and the fun and communication has all disappeared from your relationship. You may be walking on eggshells, hoping this will be a “good day”, trying to avoid another altercation. These are all signs of living with a person with an addiction.

There’s hope. Addiction is a common illness, and there is a way out. You and your family don’t have to take this any longer.

Addiction and substance abuse are common illnesses and can be treated with professional addiction counselling. Addiction covers a variety of unhealthy behaviours that spin out of control, including drug and excessive alcohol use, gambling, video games and Internet related addiction. Counselling aims to work through the underlying reasons why someone has turned to substance abuse or addicting behaviours.

Remember: It’s not your fault, and it’s not their fault. Addiction is a mental illness that needs to be treated. Getting professional help for yourself or a loved one is the first and important big step towards resolution. You should not have to be at the receiving end of this negative behaviour. They can take the path towards healing.

Your life can go back to normal, and recovery is possible. It’s time to reach out and take that step.

Paul Finds Sobriety and is Rebuilding Trust

Paul and his partner have been together for 22 years and raised three beautiful children. They had a successful family business, but over the years, starting about 10 years ago, the stresses of life were creeping into the relationship, and Paul was privately struggling to keep it together.

He found comfort grabbing a beer with the guys after work, out in the yard, then found himself pouring a glass of wine at home, alone. They used to enjoy a romantic dinner with a glass of wine, but those days are gone. Paul and his wife are merely existing in their relationship, and she has threatened to leave. The kids are all grown so it is easier to leave now.

Paul’s partner notices that he is drinking daily, and the anger outbursts are more frequent and more intense, to the point she is scared for her safety. She talked to a friend who wisely insisted that she seek help. She called Christine, an addiction counsellor, and together they are working through Paul’s addiction. Paul is now sober.

They have also started to work on healing their relationship, now that he is stable, and are learning to trust each other again.

Reaching out and asking for help is a big first step.

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