Find Relief with Anxiety Counselling in Oakville

Are you feeling constantly overwhelmed, stressed-out and anxious?

Have you lost interest in the things that you used to enjoy (“how come I don’t feel like seeing friends anymore?”)

Have your loved ones told you lately that they are worried about you?

Anxiety can manifest itself differently in different people. It may feel like you haven’t been yourself lately but then you ask, what does it even mean to feel like myself? You don’t remember the last time you truly felt content and happy. Maybe you are struggling with anger you can’t manage. Perhaps you are feeling low and empty and unable to “just snap out of it.”

We all experience stress, anxiety, mood swings and other forms of emotional distress at one point or another in our lives. A certain amount of stress and anxiety is actually good because that helps us adapt to adversity. And, most of the time, we are able to bounce back.

Many of us Need the Help of an Anxiety Therapist to Work Through These Feelings

Anxiety should not be brushed off.

Sometimes, anxiety has an underlying cause like a major life change, uncertainty, or trauma. And sometimes anxiety just happens and does not appear to have a clear cause.

Whether you are working through a difficult period, or experiencing a diagnosable anxiety disorder (such as General Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Panic Disorder), having someone help you work through it can make a big difference.

Anxiety in all its forms is common – you’re not alone in feeling this way.

Living with anxiety however can be frustrating and impact your ability to work through your daily activities. You may feel as though you just need to stop worrying so much or ‘just get over it’.

Anxiety is a legitimate mental health issue that needs to be managed and overcome with the professional help of an anxiety therapist. You likely suspect this truth already, because you are reading this.

If you are concerned about how much anxiety you are feeling or it is getting in the way of enjoying your life, then this is the right time to ask for help.

Sarah starts feeling like herself again thanks to working with an anxiety therapist

Sarah is a hardworking professional who lives alone with her dog, Lucy. She recently went through a very tough breakup, which left her feeling sad and lonely. She had thought that she would soon be married to her partner (now ex) and be well on her way to start to build her own family. 

Sarah now finds herself constantly worrying about her future. She really thought he would not leave her as her father did when she was a young girl. But he did. 

“I am unlovable.” “Maybe I am too ugly. Maybe I am too fat.” Sarah felt as if no one would ever love her again.

Sarah finds it hard to get out of bed in the morning to go to work and got in late to work a few times, which was unlike her. She cannot concentrate on her work and gets irritated and short with her co-workers. “What’s wrong with me?” Then her friend from work gently approaches her and asks if everything is okay. Sarah bursts into tears and couldn’t stop crying.

Sarah decided to take her friend’s suggestion to see a counsellor. She was nervous at first but knew that she had to do something. “I can’t go on like this.” So, she plucked up the courage to contact and make her first appointment with the counsellor.

Sarah met with her counsellor and felt so relieved to have met an experienced professional who understood her feelings and was knowledgeable about how to help her.

She has been working with her counsellor for some time now and has seen positive changes in her life. Sarah has been able to work through the causes of her anxiety and has a better outlook for her future. She has been able to manage her anxiety and has started feeling like herself again.

Reaching out and asking for help is a big first step.

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