Move Forward with Depression Therapy in Oakville

Are you feeling empty, helpless, and unmotivated?

Alone and disappointed in life?

Does your life seem like it has no meaning or purpose as you repeat the same mundane activities day after day?

You may wonder if you will always feel this way. You may not be able to enjoy the things you usually do and might even forget the last time you felt joy or excitement.

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in North America. It is normal to feel sad and unhappy at times, as life has ups and downs. This type of sadness is hard, but temporary and will pass. 

However, when you are experiencing mood swings constantly for days, weeks, months or longer, you may be suffering from depression and would benefit from depression therapy. 

Depression often affects how you feel, think, and behave which may lead to many emotional and physical problems.

Depression might be a recent change in your life – you just have not been yourself for the last couple of weeks; or perhaps, you have felt this way for longer and you think, “I’m just not a fun person” or “I just don’t feel that many emotions”.

Depressed moods are common throughout the life cycle. 

Does Any of This Sound Like You?

You are a young professional who really wants marriage and children, and you have not been able to find a life partner. You are feeling pressured to achieve this goal of yours as your biological clock is ticking.

You are feeling stuck in a job that gives little joy or excitement and you realize that this could go on for the next forty years of your life.

You are a retiree who no longer feels a sense of purpose in life.

You lost your child to a terrible illness and can’t seem to find a reason to go on with your life.

There are many reasons why one would experience depression: life changes, stress, or grief. But you can also experience depression with no clear cause. Many people experience depression without the occurrence of a major life event or experiencing a high level of stress. It can just happen.

Whatever is going on in your life or whether you can identify the cause of your depressed mood or not, here is the good news: By working with a skilled and caring therapist, you can feel better. Working through depression with a counsellor will help you manage your symptoms and rediscover meaning in your life and live a fuller life. 

Reaching out and asking for help is a big first step.

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