Move Your Relationship Forward with Marriage Counselling in Oakville

Have you and your partner lost the spark and merely continue to live together?

Would you like to re-ignite that spark in your relationship?

It all began in such a magical way. You and your partner both felt strong attraction to each other and could spend hours talking about everything and anything. You can still remember him looking into your eyes making you feel like you were the center of the universe. He would drop everything to come to your side when you called. 

Perhaps you and your partner can’t seem to have a conversation without arguing? When you talk to him you hear your negative words and you don’t like yourself. He seems to prefer to spend time with his friends rather than with you. You cannot remember the last time you two really enjoyed being in each other’s company.

Whether it is being in constant conflict, being disconnected or struggling through a challenging life event, something is causing a blockage between you two. It may be a rough patch that you need some help to overcome or there could be underlying long-term issues that need to be worked through with the professional help that marriage counselling provides.

There Are Answers and A Path Forward…

If you (and your partner) are reading this, then you have realized that something needs to be changed but you are not sure what or how. 

Marriage counselling can answer the what and the how. With the help of a compassionate and caring professional, you and your partner can establish new ways of interacting and communicating and build a lasting relationship. 

By learning how to deal with your past, you can learn to deal with your present in a healthy way, clearing the path to a fresh start.

Ann and Joe (re)learn to talk with Marriage Counselling

Ann and her partner, Joe have been together for five years. They got engaged two years ago and are now living together. When they first moved in together after the engagement, they were so excited to spend more time together.

However, gradually, the two found themselves arguing a lot over just about everything. Ann feels she cannot say anything to Joe without getting him upset. Ann notices that Joe spends a lot of time on his computer at night and weekends, and if she asks him to do something together, he seems to get annoyed. 

In the meantime, Joe feels like Ann criticizes him for everything he does; not doing enough in their home (although he feels he shares the chores), for having the TV on too loud, and not spending enough time with her.

Out of desperation Ann confided her concerns about her relationship with her best friend. Her friend has suggested couples, or marriage counselling.

Although Joe was hesitant at first, they decided to seek marriage counselling and they are glad they did. 

With the guidance from their counsellor, Ann and Joe no longer feel stuck in the negative communication patterns. They are learning how to express themselves and to hear what messages the other wishes to convey without fear of misunderstanding or being unheard. They both believe that marriage counselling was the most important investment they have ever made because it enhanced their emotional connection as a couple. 

Reaching out and asking for help is a big first step.

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